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TanamiGold Version 5.3 Release Notes

TanamiGold Version 5.2 Release Notes

TanamiGold Version 5.1 Release Notes

Accessing TanamiGold Main Menu

TanamiGold runs as a separate application in Windows, and you can access the menu from an icon in your system tray.

Right click on the icon to display the menu

Or double click left button to open the main window. This is the same as selecting Open from the menu shown above.

From the menu, or from the equivalent buttons above, you can access the following:

Settings ** - Displays settings for all users

User Settings  - Displays the user settings and preferences

License Manager ** - Displays the License Manager

Help - Displays this help

Exit** - Exits the integration. To restart, you will need to restart QuoteWerks

** Requires QuoteWerks Master Rights user privileges.