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Creating a Deal

If you have linked to a contact without linking to a deal, either by selecting "Clear Deal" or because the contact didn't have a deal, you can create a new deal when you save the quote. Click on the Name button to create a deal with the same name as the quote, or just type the deal name into the text box.

Click on Save to start the process of creating the deal.

At this point you can go ahead and update all the other deal fields as required. When you press Update, the new deal will be created in ActiveCampaign.

Updating a Deal

When you save your document in QuoteWerks, if it's linked to a Pipedrive contact, it will show the following screen if it's linked to a deal, unless you have limited this via the document status in the user settings. Use the Change button to create a new deal, or link to another deal. Note: Changing the deal title creates a new deal, it doesn't rename the existing deal. To rename a deal make the change in ActiveCampaign.

To change the deal the quote is linked to select Change, then select the existing deal from the dropdown list. Then click on Save. If you type in a new name, it will create a new deal with that name.

You need to click on Update to effect the change.



Deal Value

You can set the deal value by entering a value in the text box, or by copying the total value of the quote by pressing the “<---” button.

The amount will either include or exclude tax based on the Settings, set by your administrator

Managing Alternate Currencies

If you have alternate currency selected, you can update the deal using this currency rather than your default currency.
The following example is using your default currency, even though the alternate currency of USD is selected on the quote.

If you select the alternate currency, the alternate currency value shows on the right.

Updating the deal updates it to the alternate currency value.

Open in ActiveCampaign

To open the current deal in ActiveCampaign, click on the button

The deal will open in your default browser.


Updating Deal Tasks

See here for updating Deal Tasks

Add Note Tab

If you want to add a note to a deal, just enter the text in the text area. 

The deal is updated with a note in ActiveCampaign


Fields Tab

The fields tab will show you what values will be updated in ActiveCampaign. This managed by the Data Link Mappings in Settings, which is configured by your administrator.