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TanamiGold Version 5.1 Release Notes

Selecting Your CRM

After the installation, logon to QuoteWerks as a user with Master Rights, ie Administrator.

The Settings window will present. Select  your CRM from the list.

Pipedrive Company Domain - ActiveCampaign Account

You also need to supply the Company Domain in the case of Pipedrive, or the Account in the case of ActiveCampaign. In both cases this is found when you logon to the software, and it is the part of the URL unique for your business.

If you select ActiveCampaign, you will need to enter your Account

Your ActiveCampaign account is the name of your installion in the url before "activehosted.com"

If you select Pipedrive, you will need to enter your Company Domain

Your Pipedrive Company Domain is the name of your installation in the url before "pipedrive.com"

After you have entered this select Save to save your selection

Then Save again to save the settings.

Your will receive a confirmation message


Adding Your API Key

You will then be presented with your user settings.

You need to copy and paste your API key.

If you don't know how to access your API key, press the Help button.

At this point you can save your settings.

Loading Your License File

When presented with the License Manager screen, click on the Load License File button, and select the license file you received via email.

If you don't have one, and would like to trial TanamiGold, please fill in the trial request form here.

Your license will then be loaded and the license manager will display all your relevant license information.

Close the window and your TanamiGold integration is all ready to go.