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TanamiGold Version 5.1 Release Notes

User Settings

The User Settings apply to each QuoteWerks User.

User Email

The user email is for reference only, and is not used by TanamiGold

API Token

The API Token uniquely identifies you to your CRM software. As this is stored in the user settings, if a user is created by cloning another user, the API token will also be cloned, so will need to be changed.  Use the help button for assistance in getting your API key from ActiveCampaign or click here.

Default Task Days

This value will be added to the current day when creating activities, when you are saving a quote. So if you normally follow up quotes after 4 days, you can change this value to suit your sales needs. The default is 2.

Default Close Date Days

This value will be added to the current day when selecting to add a Close Date. The default is 28.

Update CRM on AutoSave

By default, the update to ActiveCampaign is disabled on Autosave. You can turn this on. You will need to restart QuoteWerks for this to take effect.

Not Using ActiveCampaign

You may have users who use QuoteWerks, but don’t use ActiveCampaign. Selecting this field will stop TanamiGold running when QuoteWerks starts.

For obvious reasons, because TanamiGold no longer runs for this user, to change this, you need to do this via the QuoteWerks Settings Manager.

In QuoteWerks, as a master rights user, go to the Settings Manager in Help, About.

Select the User Settings Table, and then select the User.

Select the TanamiGold section, then select the ActiveCampaignUserSettings, and delete them use the “X” button.

The next time the user starts QuoteWerks they will be asked to enter their API key.

Doc Status

By default, the Update ActiveCampaign Deal occurs for every document status. However, if you often work on large quotes, that you need to save often, it can be annoying having the Update ActiveCampaign Deal window pop up on every save.

If you want to change this there are two options.

Update CRM inclusions

With this option, the Update ActiveCampaign Deal will only happen if the document status is in the list of statuses.

In following example, it will only happen if the status is Open.

In following example, it will only happen if the status is Open, Lost or Closed.

Please note, the statuses you type are not validated, so if you use this option, and don’t list a valid status, then the Update ActiveCampaign Deal window will never pop up.

The values are not case sensitive.

Update CRM Exceptions

With this option, the Update ActiveCampaign Deal will only happen if the document status is not in the list of statuses.

In the following example, it will happen every time, unless the status is Draft.