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Adding a New User

When a new user logs onto QuoteWerks they will normally be presented with the User Preferences screen and will need to add their API key, or select Not Using Pipedrive/ActiveCampaign

Adding Your API Key

You will then be presented with your user settings.

You need to copy and paste your API key.

If you don't know how to access your API key, press the Help button.

At this point you can save your settings.

The user was created in QuoteWerks as a clone

If the new user is created by cloning another user, then the User Preferences may not show, if the copied users API key is still valid.

Either use the Menu to select User Prefrences, and update the API key.

Or you can delete the User Preferences from the QuoteWerks Settings.

In QuoteWerks, as a master rights user, go to the Settings Manager in Help, About.

Select the User Settings Table, and then select the User.