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TanamiGold Version 5.1 Release Notes

License Manager

You can access the license manager if you have QuoteWerks master rights.

If you logon to QuoteWerks as a master rights user, the License Manager will show if have a current trial, your license is expiring soon, your license has expired, or if you dont' have enough licenses because you have increased your CRM user count, or your number of QuoteWerks licenses. 

You will only need to purchase more licenses before your renewal if the number of licenses required multiplied by the percenate of time left on your subscription is greater than 1. For example, if you have more than six months to go and have two more CRM users, then you will need a license. However if you have less than 6 months to go you will only need to upgrade the license when you have 3 more CRM users. 

The license manager shows all the relevant information for your license.  Your require license count is at least as many as the lower of your QuoteWerks licenses and your CRM user count.

Remote License Management

From Version 5.1 on, if you have QuoteWerks Remote PC or Remote Site licenses you will need to generate a separate license for each remote license if they wish to use the integration.

To start, you need to enable remote licenses by checking the box.

To create the remote TanamiGold license, right click on the remote QuoteWerks license and click on Create

The license will be created, and the license details displayed.

Once the license has been created, you can right click to remove, download or view the license

You can send the license file to the remote installation by downloading it and then emailing it, or saving it on a common file system.

Also, the remote license is added to the User Settings, in the case of a Remote PC license, and the System Settings in the case of a  Remote Site license. 

So if you create a new remote license, then create the TanamiGold license before you setup the new user/site, when you sync the settings the remote license will sync to the new installation. 

If you add or remove remote licenses within QuoteWerks, you need to press the Refresh Remote Licenses button to refresh the licenses from QuoteWerks.

When you renew your license you will also need to create new remote licenses with the new expiration date.