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Application Settings

The Settings screen allows you to change settings that apply to all users.

Pipedrive Company Domain - ActiveCampaign Account

You also need to supply the Company Domain in the case of Pipedrive, or the Account in the case of ActiveCampaign. In both cases this is found when you logon to the software, and it is the part of the URL unique for your business.

If you select ActiveCampaign, you will need to enter your Account

Your ActiveCampaign account is the name of your installion in the url before "activehosted.com"

If you select Pipedrive, you will need to enter your Company Domain

Your Pipedrive Company Domain is the name of your installation in the url before "pipedrive.com"

After you have entered this select Save to save your selection

Then Save again to save the settings.

Your will receive a confirmation message


Changing your CRM

TanamiGold currently supports two integrations, Pipedrive and ActiveCampaign.

Detailed instructions on changing your CRM are here

Tax Handling

When you update a deal, you can select the total value of the quote to update your CRM deal. How businesses do this varies, so you can select here if you want to include or exclude the tax from the deal value. The default is Exclude Tax.


Single Button Add to Quote

By default, you are presented with three buttons for the three address types on a quote. If you hide the Bill To address, this button won't be displayed.

If you only want to add contacts to the Sold To address, then you can select the Single Button Add to Quote option, and you can customise the text for that button.

If you have changed the names of the addresses in QuoteWerks, these button names will also reflect that customisation.