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TanamiGold is and integration tool to integrate QuoteWerks with either Pipedrive or Active Campaign. 
There are four basic times that TanamiGold passes data between your CRM and QuoteWerks. 

  • Contact Search
  • Document Save
  • Preview Quote (Pipedrive Only)
  • Emailing a Quote. (Pipedrive Only)

TanamiGold runs as a separate program that is started when QuoteWerks starts, initiated from entries in the SITEBOOT.INI file. 
TanamiGold is managed via an icon in the Windows System Tray.

Right click on the Icon to see the menu.


Next Step >> Installation

Next Step >> Main Menu

TanamiGold Pronunciation

I've always pronounced Tanami as Ta-nuh-mai.

So Ta-nuh-mai-gold

Why TanamiGold?

My mother's uncle, so my Great Uncle Jack was mining on the Tanami track back in 1910, and was reportedly killed by local aborigines. At the time a local policeman sent a report, and a map of where the incident took place, and where the grave was.  My parents visited, and with permission from the local native people, and assistance from a geologist from the mine, were able to find his grave and leave a plaque there.

There is a gold mine there now, that is the second largest underground mine in Australian, owned by Newmont.