TanamiGold - Integrating QuoteWerks with Pipedrive and ActiveCampaign

Gold Rush Technology is the developer of TanamiGold,  which is a fully functional third-party integration between QuoteWerks and Pipedrive or ActiveCampaign.

Each integration has slightly different functionality, which is determined by the application and, the API features. While they are similar, they also have differences.

  • Add contact and address details to your quote
  • Link to a deal or create a new one (when saving the quote)
  • Map field values both ways between QuoteWerks and your CRM
  • Update a deal
  • Update or create a deal
  • Change pipeline and stage
  • Update the deal value
  • Create, Edit and Delete activities/tasks linked to the deal
  • Add notes to the deal
  • Create Address Groups, as a group of related custom fields and define them as an address. 
  • Control when the update to Pipedrive/ActiveCampaign window appears by document status
  • Open Pipedrive/ActiveCampaign Contacts and Deals from within QuoteWerks

You can see the full online help here

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TanamiGold V5.3.2Pipedrive and ActiveCampaign Integration. Supports QuoteWerks V5.6 Build 4.04 and above; REQUIRED for QuoteWerks V23
TanamiGold V5.1.6Pipedrive and ActiveCampaign Integration. Supports QuoteWerks V5.6 Build 4.04 to QuoteWerks V5.7 Build 4.11;
TanamiGold HelpV5.1.2 and Above Online Help
TanamiGold Release Notes 
TanamiGold V5.0QuoteWerks V5.5 to V5.6 Build 3, Pipedrive and ActiveCampaign Integration
TanamiGold Manual for PipedriveFor V3.0 to V5.0
TanamiGold Manual for ActiveCampaignFor V3.1.12 to V5.0


TanamiGold is an annual subscription per license.

The license count is based on the lesser of your QuoteWerks licenses and Pipedrive users.

If you have 3 QuoteWerks licenses and 5 Pipedrive users, you will need 3 TanamiGold licenses.

If you have 4 QuoteWerks licenses and 2 Pipedrive users, you will need 2 TanamiGold licenses.

You only need to purchase additional licenses during a year if your license requirement increase X the remainder of your subscription is greater than 1.

Tax is only applicable if you are in Australia or New Zealand, where local GST rates apply

Price is per license per year.

Currency Price Payment Method
AUD $120 Credit Card, Direct Deposit
USD $80 Credit Card
GBP £70 Credit Card
EUR €80 Credit Card
NZD $135 Direct Deposit

To generate a license, we will need your QuoteWerks serial number. To obtain the serial number, go to Help, About.

System Requirements

TanamiGold V5.2.6 works with QuoteWerks V5.6 Build 4.04 and above; REQUIRED for QuoteWerks V23

TanamiGold V5.1.6 works with QuoteWerks V5.6 Build 4.04 to V5.7 Build 4.11

TanamiGold V5.0 works with QuoteWerks V5.5 Build 1.15 to V5.6 Build 3

TanamiGold will run on any system that QuoteWerks will run on. View the QuoteWerks System Requirements.

TanamiGold V5.0 and above requires Microsoft .Net 4.8

QuoteWerks and TanamiGold don't run on Apple (unless it's running Windows).

If you upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11, you need to rerun the QuoteWerks Node Setup (nsetup.exe) for the integration to run correctly.

Release Notes

You can view the release notes here

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