Gold Rush Technology offers a range of consulting and support options, to suit the various needs of our clients.

QuoteWerks Support Agreement

Gold Rush Technology offers a QuoteWerks Support Agreement, which offers unlimited support hours for basic support of your QuoteWerks installation, plus discounted consulting rates, billed at the end of each week on 7-day terms. Consulting is billed with a minimum time of 15 minutes, and then is billed in completed 5 minute blocks.

Work included in the agreement
  • Support, Solving problems
  • Liasing with Aspire Technologes QuoteWerks support team
  • Updates to the software1
  • Simple hot to questions2
  • Adding, removing users. Includes adding QuoteWerks to networked computers, or terminal servers. Does not include installation and sync of remote PC or remote sites
  • Adding new licenses, subscriptions
Work not included in the agreement
  • Implementation/
  • Major Upgrades1
  • Customisation
  • Data migration
  • Server Migration
  • Backups and recovery. Normally your IT do this
  • Business Consultation
  • Custom programming
  • Changes to reports/layouts
  • QuoteValet template customisations
  • Email Templates
  • New User and Additional Training2
  • Remote PC Installations
  1. A major upgrade is where your QuoteWerks UMP has expired, and you have renewed this and are upgrading to the current version. This sometimes takes a number of upgrades, depending on your current version.
  2. When does answering a simple question become training? Good question. If the time goes over 30 minutes, you will be informed (we will never bill you when you don’t expect it) that this is really a training session. You will get the first 15 minutes free, so if the total time is 45 minutes, you will be billed for 30 minutes.

Pricing for the QuoteWerks Support Agreement is based on your current number of QuoteWerks licences, and can be paid monthly or annually.

Monthly agreements are only available at this time for Australian customers, and the payments are setup to be done automatically via Ezidebit.

If you purchase a monthly agreement, you can cancel with 1 months notice after first 10 months.

Agreements are not refundable.

Prepaid Consulting Services

Alternatively, Gold Rush Technology offers a range of block time options are available for ongoing support.

Terms and Conditions
  • Prepaid units are only expired after 12 months of no use. That’s not 12 months from the purchase date, but 12 months from the last time you used our support.
  • If you have a current QuoteWerks Update Maintenance Program subscription purchased through us, we will never expire your units.
  • Minimum time is 15 minutes, and then is billed in completed 5-minute blocks.
  • Phone/email support is free. We only start the clock if we touch a keyboard to assist you.
  • The more hours you purchase in advance, the lower the rate per hour.
  • When your units of Prepaid Consulting Services have all been expended, we will send you a quote to renew the Prepaid Consulting Services. This will be accompanied by a Prepaid Consulting Services Status report. A Prepaid Consulting Services Status report can be obtained on request at any time. Consulting Services units will expire if no units are used in a 12-month period..Expired units can be reactivated with the purchase of additional units. Units are not expired if you maintain current QuoteWerks UMP or subscription through Gold Rush Technology.
  • Time worked in excess of Prepaid Consulting Services units purchased will be charged at our current casual rate per unit when Prepaid Consulting Services are not renewed. Minimum charge of 0.5 units.
  • Prepaid Consulting Services are not refundable, and not able to be used for other goods or services.
  • Prepaid Consulting Services are available for remote support only.
  • Remote support involves work done from our office on your behalf, including:
    • accessing your computer systems remotely via secure connection over the Internet. Requires that you have a broadband connection to the Internet. You will need to download Gold Rush Support software (TeamViewer).
    • work on your website, email systems etc
    • contacting other suppliers, IT companies, software companies etc, on your behalf
    • work in house that is installed or delivered to you remotely or via email
    • remote training
  • Payment of Tax Invoice, or acceptance of QuoteValet Quote is acceptance of all Terms and Conditions.

Casual Consulting

Our casual consulting option is best suited to businesses that don't require a ongoing support and have a small one off request, or who would like to try our services before they commit to one of our contract options.

Casual consulting is bill at 15 minute increments or part thereof, with a minimum purchase of 30 minutes.

Casual consulting is invoiced with 7 days payment terms to approved customers, or payment upfront, with any unused time refunded.

Getting Started

All the above terms are effective from 23rd March, 2021.

We offer pricing in AUD, NZD, USD, GBP and EUR. 

If you would like to request a quote or have any further questions, please do this via our contact us page.