QuoteWerks CPQ Quote Software

Gold Rush Technology has been a Top 10 QuoteWerks Solution Partner since 2011, delivering solutions, not just software, to clients around the world.

Use QuoteWerks, the sales quoting and proposal software solution, in your CPQ and Quote-To-Cash sales process.

Sales Pipeline Transparency

A simple, yet powerful, design provides sales reps with an efficient and easy way to create, deliver, and track customer interactions to close.

Reduce Errors & Misquotes

Peer and management approval workflows ensure every document created in QuoteWerks is accurate and consistent to reduce errors and misquotes.

Integrated for Efficiency

Industry leading CRM and accounting integrations will transfer your important sales data between QuoteWerks and your already deployed solutions.

Beautiful, Branded Quotes & Proposals

Brand your sales quotes and proposals with beautiful and professional layouts. Include important documents such as SOW’s, terms and conditions and contracts. Create stunning presentations.

Standardize Pricing & Workflows

Create item lists, templates, and bundles to standardize your company’s product and service offerings in a simple and efficient workflow for document creation.

Centralized Quote Storage

Store and manage all of your documents in a central, searchable location to easily find existing documents. Filter by date, company, sales rep, and much more.




What is it?

QuoteWerks is specialized (CPQ) software used in every industry for creating sales quotes and proposals. Rather than using Microsoft® Word® or Excel® to create your quotes and proposals, you can benefit from a tool that is specialized for the task of creating quotes and proposals. QuoteWerks fits into your existing software environment. It works with the software that you store your customer information in like ACT!, ACT! for Web, Autotask, ConnectWise,GoldMine, Google Contacts, Maximizer, MS Dynamics CRM, Outlook, Outlook BCM,salesforce.com, SalesLogix, and SugarCRM eliminating the need to re-type customer information.

QuoteWerks also has its own built-in contact database. You can easily import your product information into QuoteWerks. QuoteWerks can link to product database sources like external databases, Excel spreadsheets, or text files. You can also just type product information directly into the quote. If you use QuickBooks or Peachtree, QuoteWerks can even quote products that you have stored in QuickBooks or Sage 50 - US Edition / Peachtree. QuoteWerks  IT Industry Solution provides an integration with Tech Data, Ingram Micro, SYNNEX, D&H and more. You can get real-time pricing and warehouse availability from your vendors and using our QuoteWerks Product Content Subscription (powered by Etilize), customer friendly product descriptions, product images, and marketing descriptions. With QuoteWerks you can also submit orders electronically to your vendors and receive order status with shipping tracking numbers, serial numbers and more. 

With the QuoteValet® Add-on, you know when your customer views your quote and your customer sign electronically - no more signing and faxing, and can collect credit card payment including deposits. It integrates with your Accounting software like QuickBooks, Sage 50 US Edition / Peachtree, or others through 3rd party Accounting add-ons so when those quotes become orders you don't have to re-enter your orders, and those orders can be submitted electronically to your vendors! All of this eliminates costly mistakes. QuoteWerks has been empowering businesses for over 26 years - increasing their productivity and closing more sales by simplifying and speeding up their price quoting/proposal processes in the office and on the road.

Who uses it?

QuoteWerks is used in almost every industry by over 83,000 users worldwide in over 101 countries. QuoteWerks is a market leader. Whether your company is a small 1-person company or a large Fortune 100 company, you can benefit from the increase in productivity QuoteWerks provides.

Who are QuoteWerks customers? This cross industry adoption of QuoteWerks is made possible by the core design of QuoteWerks which adheres to the fundamentals of the quoting process. This core design has contributed to its ability to be a useful tool for any industry that has a need to create price quotes containing itemized products or services. Of the hundreds of industries QuoteWerks customers are in, customers that heavily adopt QuoteWerks are IT Solution Providers, VARs, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), AV/Security Integrators, Custom Integrators, Manufacturers, and Manufacturer Reps. QuoteWerks is used to quote a wide variety of products including clothing, office products, electronics, medical equipment, irrigation equipment, landscaping, industrial equipment, trucks, and more.

Why do I need it?

Have you ever asked yourself "How long does it take to create a quote or proposal?" If you take the time to really think about it you begin to realize what a time-consuming, daunting task it is. That's probably why most of us procrastinate getting those quotes out to our customers. Just grazing the surface, you need to find the products, services, prices, descriptions, call your vendors for updated pricing, type it all into the quote, format the quote, e-mail it to your customer and then follow up with your customer.

QuoteWerks will make you more efficient, more consistent, more professional, and more competitive. The content of your quote and how you present your quote is important. The quote represents not only what you are selling, but is also an extension of your company brand and image. First impressions are important; they can make or break deals. The quicker you can get that quote into your customers hands the better chance you have of winning their business. Using QuoteWerks, you can "go the extra mile" for your customers - without all the legwork! Bottom line; If you want to save time and money when quoting, selling, ordering, and purchasing products and services you need QuoteWerks®

QuoteWerks Product Overview

QuoteValet ®


QuoteValet is the online quote delivery and acceptance vehicle for QuoteWerks. QuoteValet is a more robust way to deliver quotes to your customers and prospects


Modern Quote Delivery™

Rather than attaching a PDF file to the quote and emailing it to your customer (where spam filters strip it out), QuoteValet will create a company branded, specilaized, quote delivery webpage to present the quote on quotevalet.com to your customer.

The advantage of using QuoteValet is that you will actually know when your customer has received the quote. You will know when they have viewed the quote and how often they review the quote.

Your customer will be able to change quote options dynamically and ask you questions through the customized quote page — keeping all communication together. Most importantly, they will be able to electronically accept and sign the quote!

Deliver, Collaborate, Close with QuoteValet!

Know When Quotes are Viewed and Accepted

Ever wonder what happens to your quote after you sent it? How often has a customer asked for a discount and you've wondered if they have even looked at the proposal yet? With QuoteValet - You are notified the first time the customer looks at the quote and each additional time they look at it. Knowing this you can call the customer while they are looking at your proposal, the moment they are most interested in your proposal. You will get notified on all quote activity by email and through your QuoteValet Dashboard. Strike while the iron is hot!

Upfront Options - Stop the Back and Forth

How often have you delivered a quote, only to have the prospect say "can you add option X and resend me the quote?". It adds a lot more work and delays the sales process. With QuoteValet, you can include all the options up front, letting the prospect choose the options they want, including quantities (You control which quantities the prospect is allowed to change), and the quote will automatically be recalculated. If the prospect increases the quantity of an item, the services associated with that item will also be adjusted accordingly.

Shorten the Quote-to-Cash Cycle with Electronic Signing

Get customer signatures electronically - no more asking the customer to print out the PDF, sign it, and then scan and email it back to you. You are asking a lot of your customer. Capture your customers' signature graphical or text based signature. Customers can view and accept your quotes from anywhere including their mobile devices.

Easy Payment System

With QuoteValet you can collect deposits, progress payments, balances or the full amount of the quote. You can even export payments to QuickBooks. We support over 80 gateways including QuickBooks Merchant Services, Authorize.net, ConnectBooster/BNG, and PayPal. Gold Rush Technology can provide access to Windcave an innovative global leader in payment technology. Customers can also elect to pay by different lease options, or by entering in their ACH checking information into the QuoteValet Payment page.

Collaborate with Your Customer

Interactively refine the elements in your quote with your customer through QuoteValet's collaboration features using QuoteValet's integrated comment and synopsis features. All of your customers questions and your answers will be recorded on the quote keeping all communication together in one location that can be easily referenced at any time by both your salesrep and your customer. With the notification features, your entire team can be notified of these customer questions and salesrep responses. Gold Rush Technology has added additional collaborative features, such as using a dropdown box to control quanitity selections, or select a range of valid quantities that a customer can select, ensuring only valid values are entered.

Your Sales Rep gets a free assistant!

In QuoteValet, auto-reminders can be set to automatically remind a prospect that they have not viewed your quote and that it is still waiting for their review. When a quote is about to expire, QuoteValet can automatically notify your prospect that the quote is about to expire so they can view it and move forward. When a prospect views an expired quote, it automatically notifies the sales rep so they can reach out to them and send them an updated quote. You will even receive SMS text notifications on your phone when large quotes are accepted so you can give them special, immediate attention.

Keep Your Team in the Loop

When quotes are viewed, accepted, and when payment is made, QuoteValet keeps your entire team in the loop from salesreps to sales managers to accounting and operational teams to ensure no steps are forgotten ensuring a positve customer experience.

Approval and Peer Review

Managers can use QuoteValet to approve quotes before they are submitted to the customer while out of the office through their web browser or mobile phone. Peers can submit valuable peer review feedback while out of the office through their web browser. In QuoteWerks, you can set approval requirements for your sales reps that require them to obtain approval before a quote can be sent.

Share Files with your Customer

Your customers can upload files to complete the sale! Upload POs, SOWs, artwork, photos, signed contracts, and much more directly from your QuoteValet documents! When files are uploaded you are notified by email, keeping you in the loop and keeping the ordering process moving along efficiently until completion.

Include Videos

YouTube videos are supported for QuoteValet documents and individual line items. Share single or multiple videos on a document to help explain the line items in the document, introduce new offerings, or simply provide more information about your company.